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What is your favourite low-tech bike gear?
“RAIN CAPE! I love my rain cape, it makes me feel like little red riding hood. And it is so compact, you can just put it in your bag and if it starts raining, voila! You are ready for it.”

What other rad projects / work do you do in this world?
“I’m an urban planner for a consulting firm, helping municipalities plan for a sustainable future. I’ve been lucky enough to make “Active Transportation Planning” one of my areas of focus. I’m also a dedicated gardener. My household has transformed our yard into a collection of raised garden beds, and together with some of our friends, we “communally” garden. After having a work party, we usually get together and cook delicious food using what we’ve harvested that day. It’s a great way to be connected to where our food comes from, and to have fun with your friends.”


When did you first start cycling as an adult?
“I started cycling only about two years ago, when I moved into a great shared house in a neighbourhood that wasn’t well served by public transit. So, I found a new and far better way of getting around town. My transformation has shocked my (red and black striped) socks off and profoundly enhanced my life. These days, I cycle to work daily and spread the gospel via the DIY bike dance phenomenon that is the B:C:Clettes!” -

What have the B:C:Clettes added to your life?
“All the finest things this universe has to offer! First and foremost, a circle of friends and creative collaborators. I've entrusted these folks with the goofiest, most spontaneous, most open, most sincere version of myself. It feels great! It also feels great to give 'er 1000% at performances--to dance bigger, grin wider, and wear shinier duds than ever before. Performing energizes me like nothing else, and the B:C:Clettes offer me a rare opportunity to sparkle--without expectation of perfection, but with much awareness of an amazing shared mission.”

Tell us about your bike:
“Like many who ride bikes, I’ve been faced several times in my life with the harsh reality of a loved bike stolen. My purple and green ‘Jake the Snake’ was one. My Jake, a bike that took me on my first bike tour and was scheduled for my second, was scooped up right from under me while in a geography lab at UBC. In one month, I was challenged with my first ever bike build. That’s how my current bike, Zephyr, came to be. A black, red and shiny Soma Double Cross, Zephyr is my everything bike, and has reliably rolled me through all types of weather and on all kinds of terrain. Losing Jake was sad, but it gave me the opportunity to learn more about the intricacies of bikes, and to carefully build up my own trusty stead.”

What's your favourite low-tech bike gear? “Four letters: Wool. Whether it’s for touring or commuting to work in all weather, I’ve come to appreciate wool in it’s full glory. Wearing a wool coat in the rain commuting to work is far better than any Gortex I’ve ever tried.”


Do you have a favourite cycling experience?
“I’d have to say the bike tour I did across the Canadian Arctic Circle was the best cycling experience I’ve ever had. A group of friends from four continents (Australia, Asia, North America, and Europe) biked together on the Dempster Highway from Dawson City to Inuvik. The sky never grew dark, the sunsets lasted forever, the company was superb and the experience just couldntt’t be beat.”

What other rad projects/ work do you do in this world?
”I'm an architect, focusing my work on sustainable design in public buildings. I'm also the LEED Coordinator for several projects (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design). I'm the Executive Secretary for the Vancouver Area Cycling Coalition, and also serve on the Board of Directors for the East End Food Co-op on Commercial Drive, Vancouver's only member-owned grocery store. :) “


Why do you like being a part of a collective?
“For me the B:C:Clettes is about performing, and about inspiring others! But more than that for me the Clettes are about positive interpersonal relationships and friendships in a women-only space that we have deliberately created. As a collecitve we have built amazing ways of working together which seek to value the input of all members. Further, we use our unique individual strengths towards the awesomeness of the whole. I am also amazed by the personal support the group offers. I feel tremendously fortunate to work with and be a part of a collective with other such inspiring, revolutionary women! We are all out there inspiring others to change the world. To change themselves. To believe in a better world! As individuals we are leaders; as a collective we turn up the volume. It makes me really proud!”

What other rad projects / work do you do in this world?
“I am an artist first and foremost. To describe my current profession I would say I work in Art and Community Practice. I also like organizing bike decorating events which promote biking to kids.”


New B:C:Clettes, 2011: Alison, Anna, Dawn, Julia, Liz, Molly, Stephanie. Welcome!

Recent/ Supporting B:C:Clettes: Nix (Left), Jen, Kendra, Erin, Malcolm, Lucy, Lau, Jeanie. Some of these Clettes are still active in non-performing roles.

Cara, Melissa, Polly, Liz, Lynda, Rhiannon, Laura Boo, Leanne, Sara S., Nina We love you!

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